The Block Art – My Artwork hung in winning room on The Block 2019



Due to having my work picked by Jesse and Mel, 2019 contestants of the show,  I then found myself  being part of “The Block Shop“.

I now have work on this very big online platform a place where the public goes to browse, looking for something they might have seen aired on this National TV on going annual series of “The Block“.



Since the airing of the Living Dinning Room Reveals, I have seen my “Reef Magic” painting aired and published in so many places.

Along with the show itself, A Current Affair, Today Extra,,,,….the list goes on!

Not to mention the magazine, “The Block Magazine”



A big thank you to Art Lovers Australia for the amazing exposure this has given my Artwork. Opportunities like this don’t just fall out of the sky and into your lap, they are created. Art Lovers Australia created a relationship with The Block, and due to my relationship with them, this amazing gig has folded out for me.  How lucky am I!