The Colourscape collection represents the effects of fluid movement, gravity and the reactions between mixed mediums. The power of the chemistry between these pigments carried by different mediums, attracting or repelling each other sometimes results in beautiful formations.
Before being sealed, a single painting could have had multiple layers of work on it, ranging from the original pour, to sanding back looking for patterns under dried paint, rubbing in ink or more paint to stain or add colour to segments, and in general working on and enhancing areas where possible.
These Formations are then preserved by a coating of a premium quality finish (resin, satin or matte Varnish) on ready-to-hang, multi-directional boards.

  • Low Tide Reef (SOLD)

  • Treasure Reef


    or 4 payments of $155.00 with Afterpay

  • Dusk Waters (SOLD)

  • Ocean Art- “Swept Away”

  • Art Lovers Australia Art – “The Drop Off”

  • As seen on The Block Shop -Blue Waters

  • The Block

    Safe Passage (SOLD)

  • Currently hanging in – The Cairns Aquarium “Oceania”

  • Coastal Movement

  • Osprey- Reefs Edge

  • Waterscape (Sold)

  • “Coral Sea” (SOLD)

  • Tidal Flow


    or 4 payments of $137.50 with Afterpay

  • Abstract Art – “Earthly Elegance”

  • Moonlit Shoal