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House Rules: Cairns artist Petra Meikle de Vlas back in reality TV spotlight

Roz Pulley, The Cairns Post

REDLYNCH artist Petra Meikle de Vlas is getting more than her 15 minutes of fame as reality reno shows snap up her art for a winning look.

Last year, her work featured in a living-dining room which won The Block’s Week 8 competition for Jesse and Mel.

This year, Ms Meikle de Vlas has been thrust back into the spotlight on Channel 7’s House Rules after contestants Kayne and Aimee chose the mixed media artist’s Sapphire Waters for the study of Tamara and Rhys’ home in Brisbane.

DOUBLE WHAMMY: After featuring on The Block last year, the work of Redlynch artist Petra Meikle de Vlas was chosen for House Rules this year . Picture: BRENDAN RADKE

Charged with delivering a house peppered with “jewel tones” and “a wow in every room” the sparkling reef-inspired fitted the bill.

“I thought: ‘Oh my God, another run’,” Ms Meikle de Vlas said.

“I knew what it meant. That’s why it was even more exciting.”

“Things are still happening after the The Block. It doesn’t finish. It just keeps rolling.”

Ms Meikle de Vlas said the reality shows and subsequent media exposure had had a “massive” impact on her career.

WINNER: Petra won the People’s Choice Prize in the Art Lovers Australia Prize 2020. Picture: BRENDAN RADKE

“This week I got an order from Finland for a print.

“But make no mistake, I’ve been lucky. It’s been a hard slog to get here. It’s only blind faith that kept me going and thinking ‘give it time’.

“Just before The Block, I went to a conference on the Gold Coast for professional artists and one of the biggest things I learnt was it can take up to five years before you get any success as an artist.

EXPOSURE: Petra’s art work, Reef Magic (far right), was featured on The Block. Photo: DAVID COOK PHOTOGRAPHY

“Once I heard that, I thought I’m on track. I thought it’s looking promising. I was nowhere near making anything I could live off, but that gave me the hope.”

Ms Meikle de Vlas said while the television exposure was brief, it made an impact.

“It’s only a couple of seconds of airtime, but still creates interest. I still have messages coming in from people saying I saw your work. The exposure was amazing.

“For example, I’m not 100 per cent sure where it came from, but this week I got an order from Finland for a print. That is so off the beaten track.”

TOOLS OF TRADE: Blow torch and brush both have a place in the studio. Photo: BLUECLICK PHOTOGRAPHY

She says her exposure through Art Lovers Australia, a sponsor of House Rules — High Stakes 2020, has opened her work to international markets.

“They’re also with Foxtel’s Selling Houses Australia, which is shown around the world.”

The self-taught artist said the media exposure had drawn more people to her website and social media platforms.

SNAPPED UP: Exposure on reality TV and in the media has drawn new customers from around Australia and overseas. Picture: BRENDAN RADKE

“A lot of people are plugging into my social media and watch what I’m going. Sometimes I’m selling work before it’s even on my website.”

Earlier this year, Ms Meikle de Vlas also won the People’s Choice Prize in The Art Lovers Australia Prize 2020 for Ashore, a mixed-media fluid painting on a wooden panel.

To view her work, visit



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We are excited to welcome artist Petra Meikle de Vlas, who is included in our 2020 Coastal Supplement released earlier this week. Based in Cairns Australia, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, artist Petra Meikle de Vlas creates brilliant abstract mixed media works inspired by the turquoise waters near her home.

Mostly self-taught, Petra rarely follows conventional art methods and has developed a technique of her own. In addition to paint brushes, she uses her hands, air guns, spray bottles, a blow torch, and gravity. Typically working in large formats, the artist “sculpts” her paintings, starting with a board upon which she layers various materials.


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